Creative experts from around
the Globe.


Dean Boschetti

Director | Creative Director
(BA) Design & Visual Communication

Background - Art Director in Visual Communication

Experience - With eight years within the industry, he has realised that its not about how you communicate its why?, without your brand communicating a big idea to the right audience, you might as well not even have a brand.

His Anti-slogan is ‘‘ be careful Dean ‘‘, theres nothing creative about being careful.


Adrian Holmes

Director | Lead Developer

Background - Senior Front End Web Developer

Experience - Although He is a skilled and resilient front end web developer, with reliable and adaptable javascript capabilities along with agile problem solving, His true skills to be communication and comprehension.

Not only for development, but also for other departments and disciplines such as Design, UX/UI, Customer Relations, Project and Traffic management, to name a few.



Johan van Huyssteen

Compositor | Filmography
(BA FA) Senior Compositor

Background - 4 year BA (FA), high-end feature film compositing (7 years), colour science.

Experience - (BA FA) is a Nuke compositor working on Academy Award-winning films, from Avengers: Age of Ultron to Tomb Raider and back to Dunkirk, there is nothing short of Hollywood when Johan is involved.


Yannick De Bakongo


Background - A professional photographer and cinematographer.

Experience - This world class photographer works with world class brands and has developed a unique aesthetic that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. From picture and motion production up to the postproduction his influence is striking.


Our Network

The extensive network we have ranges from all sorts of expert creatives, our team leaders have
contacts to support and advise in all creative fields. From a programming development team,
to well known artists and designers.