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The Crowther Lab Project

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We’re the agency that has been working with Crowther Lab,
Below are some aspects of our design process.



Corporate Identity

creating a modern identity,
for an important mission

After being tasked with further developing the corporate identity, it was fundamentally important for us to make sure that Crowther Lab presents itself as new age, youthful but serious. Tackling climate change is such an admirable mission and was an absolute joy for us to work along side Tom, Patrica and team.



Communicating complicated
ideas through simple icons

Icon designs can be simple, with flat two-dimensional drawing or a black silhouette, or complex, presenting a combination of graphic design elements such as one or more linear and radial colour gradients, projected shadows, contour shades, and three-dimensional perspective effects.

The Crowther Lab needed to communicate complicated ideas in simple icon format, these are a few examples of their icon library we’ve designed.


Website Development

The User Journey and mass of data

Websites and user journeys are constantly improved upon and updated, but coinciding with a great Art Direction brings all these aspects into a great site.

Crowther Lab has been incredibly brave in exploring modern UI design with the goal to appeal to a broader audience, but maintaining an approach to fit the wide range of users specific focus.

It is important to us that we created a user experience that encompasses not only scientists that look specifically at research, but also an average user who is on the site to learn and understand what the Lab is about, we developed 3 different profiles to fully explore the user journey through the site.

Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 14.34.26.png
Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 14.35.05.png
Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 14.33.41.png

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Thank you Crowther Lab

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