Brands Giving Back.

How Carling Black Label fought
against domestic abuse.

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There’s No Excuse
For Women Abuse. 

When a brand acknowledges that their product contributes to a problem, and then uses their influence to fight against that problem, real magic can happen for humanity

Carling Black Label.

One of South Africas most popular beer brand, realised that there was a serious link between alcohol abuse and domestic abuse, especially after a soccer game.

What Carling decided to do was hijack the most popular soccer anthem, and change the lyrics to push across the message : Theres no excuse for women abuse.

‘‘ According to the South African Medical Research Council in 2017, 40 per cent of South African men assault their partners daily. Five times higher than the global average. Research also revealed this number spikes dramatically after soccer games.

Alcohol was the number one excuse.

Carling Black Label, the best-selling male beer brand in South Africa, recognized the need to acknowledge the link between men who abuse alcohol and men who abuse women. ’’

Visit https://www.noexcusesa.com to pledge or take action


We’d Like to thank Under the Influence for their case study of the NOEXCUSE campaign that we’ve referenced.